Gabon Coup Attempt: Chief rebel arrested and two Army Rebels Killed

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The chief military rebel who led a failed coup in Gabon has been arrested and two of his commands killed after they stormed a public radio station, the country’s government says.

They were shot dead after security officers stormed the national radio building which they had taken over. Three others are under arrest.

In a statement read out by a soldier, flanked by two others holding guns, they said the military had seized power from the government and called on people to “rise up”.

“The situation is under control,” the presidency said, adding that hostages had been freed from the radio station.

Coup leader Lt Kelly Ondo Obiang was on the run for a brief period, before being found hiding under a bed, reports Radio France Internationale (RFI).

Stroke-hit Bongo is at present not in the country. He is said to be recuperating in Morocco.

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