Fr Mbaka Puts Buhari On Blast,Says He would Not Win In 2019(VIDEO)

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Fr Mbaka the controversial Catholic priest of the Adoration Prayer Ministries in Enugu, who was a strong supporter of president Buhari’s 2015 election campaign has now com out to put him on blast saying that the hardship experienced by Nigerians is too much and that if care is not taken he would not be voted into office for a second time

See what he said below:

“As the president is fighting corruption, some of us are praying that he should also fight hunger. Yesterday, some people said that Fr. Mbaka is preaching against (president Buhari). The issue is that Mbaka is speaking as the Spirit prompts him. My job is to tell our leaders the truth.

“The landlords are crying, tenants are lamenting. Sellers are crying, buyers are lamenting. There is hunger on the streets. Many students are being rusticated out of the schools because they can’t pay for school fees as the school fees are being hiked. Proprietors are distressed. Many companies are winding up. The economy is hard. Nigeria is being attacked ferociously.

“The president should look around him and know people who are advising him and those who are telling him that things are going well. The president should know that there is trouble and if things continue like this, in the next election nobody will vote for him.

“If the President would have somebody like me and I cannot be talking to him, then there is a problem somewhere. Somebody who can advise you without asking for anything and he is representing the poor masses in the country; he won’t tell you lies. He will praise you when you are doing well and when you are not doing well he will look at your face and tell you.

“People are smelling of suffering. To feed is now a problem and a hungry man is an angry man. Hunger and anger will lead to danger.”

He added:
“It is a pity that the vice president Yemi Osinbajo called (Niger Delta) Avengers sabourteours. Got to Niger Delta today. The place where the oil that has been sustaining this country has been coming out from: No good water, no farmland, no raod, no industry. But I don’t blame it on Buhari because their brother just stepped down few months ago. What did Jonathan did for them?”

See the video below:

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