Four Reasons Why Atiku is Preferred to Buhari

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Since Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar declared his intentions to run for the position of the number one citizen of Nigeria, there have been countless debates to ascertain if he is going to be the long awaited savior.

Yawnaija decided to give four cogent reasons why Nigerians might vote Atiku over Buhari. Below are the reasons in no particular order.

  1. True Federalist

Atiku Abubakar over time is the true definition of a true federalist. Buhari is an unrepentant dictator this could be seen in the recent deal he made with the United states of America for Tucano jets without the approval of the senate, such disrespect for the law making body of the government. Voting in Atiku would ensure that the rule of Law continues to prevail in Nigeria as well as the respect for the other tiers of government. We remember He stood against Obasanjo’s third term because it doesn’t seem democratic to him. This made him lose the 2007 election because his former boss totally worked against him.

  1. Outstanding Businessman

The ex-VP is an outstanding businessman to the core. Atiku ran a real estate business when he was still a custom officer and made a fortune from working for NICOTES. He knows how to use his words well and can convince the world to invest in Nigeria because he has different business partners all over the country. Like we know the Nigeria economy has plummeted and plundered into recession and in dire need of resuscitation and unlike Buhari whose farming business has yielded nothing since he left office as a military dictator, the former Vice President can do wonders like Donald Trump is doing for the United state. Therefore i would be right to say our economy is on the verge of gaining edge in Africa because as a business man, he knows what to do.

  1.  Witty

When you hear Atiku speak, he speaks like an educated man. he has composure and confidence. He is wise and mix well with people. He knows the world is already digital, and he is moving with this trend. The former vice president has a facebook account, a twitter account and an Instagram account and he became the second politician in Nigeria to be verified on twitter after former Lagos state governor Babtunde Fashola. He was vice president when Nigeria witnessed a turnaround in technological advancement with the introduction of mobile phones into the country. So voting in Atiku, you would be sure of not been called a lazy Nigerian youth in front of potential investors abroad. 

      4. Positive  Ambitions

Our former president is an ambitious man in the political scene. Abubakar’s first foray into politics was in early 1980s, and ever since he has been a big player. Although losing the presidential sit to the Late Yar Adua in 2007 and in 2011 to Goodluck Jonathan respectively, he still remains a name to be reckoned with in the northern politics. He is as ambitious as Buhari was but I can count on him because he has a very large heart and this could be seen in many of his philanthropic works and i can say categorically that he would do better than Buhari did and would do.

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