Feel like blocking your ex on Instagram? Here’s 5 reasons why you should

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Childish? Maybe but who’s judging? Certainly not me.

Blocking anybody on social media is often perceived as childish. I, however, belong to the school of thought that whatever you have to do to retain your sanity, you go right ahead and do just that; no matter what your ‘Instafam’ comments about it. So if you’ve had an itch to hit the block button on your ex lately, here’s just the push you need.

If your ex falls into any of these categories, then it’s time to scratch that itch:

  1. The Hard-To-Get-Over Ex

Getting over an ex is a lot harder if you have to see their smiley face right up next to some hottie (hotter than you anyway), with perfect teeth and a 100 watt smile. If waking up to date night posts from your former favourite human sets you back a little every time, then you better get blocking.


  1. The Thrash-Talking Ex

Is your ex a thrash talker, spouting all kinds of nonsense about you and your time together? Well, you don’t need that kind of negativity, especially not from someone with whom you once thought yourself and your secrets safe. That ex is way too loud you need to shut him…


  1. The Two-Timing Ex

Cheating exes are the worst. If anybody deserves a block, it’s a cheating ex. You’re better off without that wave of anger that rises every time you see their ugly, cheating face on Instagram (wearing that favourite pair of fake Gucci’s no less). Blocked!


  1. The Ex-Who’s-Not-Quite-Over-You

You’ve moved on too soon and really don’t want to hurt your ex with all your, ‘I’m happy and in love…again’ posts. This is a mercy act and even if your ex won’t get it, at least your heart is in the right place. Sorta.


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  1. The Ex-You-Cheated-On

Moving on to your ex’s best friend in a heartbeat? Or getting married a month after your breakup? What your ex doesn’t know won’t hurt, right? Might be a good idea to avoid bloodshed by hitting that block button. Your latest posts might be used against you in the court of law.



Whatever your reasons are for wanting to block your ex, I’m sure they’re important to you. Ignore the rest of us; block ‘em and if anybody doesn’t like it, block them too (big grin).


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