Episode 2 of Dare2Dream Season 5 Campus Auditions

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On Friday afternoon, all eyes are riveted to the stage in University of Jos Multipurpose Auditorium. The hall is packed full of youth; friends are here to cheer, others just here to be entertained.

Backstage, the performers wait for their turn and give it their best. They understand that this is stiff competition and they must stand out if their dreams are to come to fruition.

It is obvious that the performers are doing a great job. There is magic happening on the stage.

Acrobats that raise the roof with their performance, music and rap.

Models strut across the stage with the practiced ease of professionals wearing clothes designed by other contestants. It feels like a paid show but part of the magic is that it for free of charge.

For the judges, it was hard work to pick winners but even in the midst of so many good performances, a few stand out.

Models Lulu and Lisa are easy favorites and declared winners. Designers FunFash Haven and Iphie Creations come first and second. In the artiste’s category, dance group Royal DC and rapper Dizzo are declared winners.

Watch the video below.


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