Elections 2019: Four Foolish Ideas That Will See Nigerians Make a Wrong Choice in 2019 (Video)

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There is no doubt that the Election 2019 will be one that will determine so much as regards the political and economic future of Nigeria.

So much regarding the outcome of the 2019 election, depends on the choice that the masses make, however, from close observations and engagements, one cannot but fear that Nigerians are on the verge of making a huge mistake as regards who their next leader will be.

Below are four rather foolish ideas, concepts and biases that are most likely going to lead Nigerians into making a wrong choice, and the effect of this, will be devastating not just on  the nation’s economy alone but in all spheres and sectors where growth is direly needed.

1. Obasanjo/God-father Anointing

That Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo or any other godfather anoints/endorses any candidate does not mean that he or she will win in 2019.  Our past leaders and godfathers must quit playing the role of Chief Priests in Nigeria’s political temple. Nigerians must learn to mediate for themselves, and decide based on credible assessment, the leader in whose hands they will entrust their political future.

2. We will not vote a woman???

Nigerians must thrash the thought that our president must always be a man; it is not embedded in any constitution. If a woman is the best candidate for the job, then let us vote her in. Patriarchy and Chauvinism should not rob us of a glorious future.

3. The next President must be PDP or APC

This concept must start changing now and fast, we cannot continue that way with about 30 candidates for the post of president in 2019.  We must begin to see beyond choosing between two proverbial evils.

4. Presidency is the most important position

Beyond the presidency, Nigerians must pay attention to other elective positions. The councilors and the local government chairmen are the closest to the grassroots, they are the closest to the masses, and thus, we need to pay attention to their campaigns and the electoral processes that bring them into office. Get to know who is representing you at the floor of the State and Federal Houses of Assembly, be very conscious about who your next legislator is, else, whoever we elect as president will only be fooling him/herself without effectively and efficiently serving the people.


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