Ectraction 2: Ikorodu Bois Finally Heading to Hollywood

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Ikorodu Bois, has been acknowledged for their recreation of the trailer for ‘Extraction’, an action-packed Netflix movie starring actor, Chris Hemsworth.

Ikorodu Bois is a team of 3 brothers and their cousin, Babatunde Sanni, Muiz Sanni, Malik Sanni, Fawas Aina. These boys form a comedy group and they recreate and mimic multi-million dollar music videos and Hollywood movie trailers.

In a now trending tweet, the Russo brothers expressed their excitement at the remake and officially invited the comedy trio to the world premiere of their Netflix action film sequel.

Ikorodu Bois get invite to Extraction movie premiere in Nollywood

Quoting the tweet of the young boys, the Russo Brothers greatly complimented their initiative. The American directors went ahead to extend an invite to the boys to the premiere of the second season of the movie they mimicked.<


This won’t be the first time that the creative crew will be getting some Hollywood star attention. Months back, the boys caught the attention of Will Smith after they recreated the ‘Bad Boys Forever’ trailer. Other stars like Dwayne Johnson and Lebron James have also shown the boys some love in recent times.

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