‘Don’t Intimidate me With suspension,’ Abbo Warns Senate (Video)

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Embattled Senator Ishiaku Abbo (PDP-Adamawa) on Tuesday asked members of the Senate investigative panel hearing his alleged case of assault on a nursing mother not to threaten him with suspension.

Abbo, who appeared before the committee on Tuesday, July 9, 2019, in a white outfit, refused to either swear to an oath or speak before journalists.

Drama started when he said that he had no business appearing and making comments about the matter anywhere.

A member of the committee, Oluremi Tinubu, asked Abbo to swear an oath before saying anything. The Adamawa lawmaker, however, refused to do so saying the case was in court.

“This matter is in court. I cannot be talking in front of cameras when the matter is already in court. That’s subjudice,” he declared.

Irritated by Abbo’s response, Tinubu told the Adamawa lawmaker to obey the instruction by members of the committee.

“Distinguished, you just joined us. We have a procedure and we are also under law. You don’t come in here and dictate to us what should be done,” Tinubu told the opposition senator.

“You are on the other side now. Everybody requires a fair hearing. What is going on with you affects us as a body which is why the Senate President constituted this committee.

“You don’t come in here and dictate to us what procedures to follow. You undermine us by even trying to do that. You haven’t even listened to us.

“Do you want us to protect you? Or do you want us to defend you…do you realise we can also suspend you,” she added.

An angry Abbo promptly interjected: “I will not sit here and listen to you threaten me with suspension. I am a senator like you. You cannot threaten me with suspension.”

Abbo was arraigned by a Magistrate Court in Zuba for assault charges. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Watch the video below.

Video Credit: Viable TV

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