Dont Bother Snooping That phone, Just Sleep, For Your Own Good

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Men think they have the biggest secrets to hide…dude please, you really don’t want to go through a lady’s messages. Did you actually know that men snoop their wives/girlfriend’s phone more than women do to their partners???

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Besides the fact that it’s a breach of trust, nothing harms your ego and self-esteem than snooping around, feeling like you’re a criminal, trying to get information that you know isn’t rightfully yours.

When you snoop, are you prepared for what you would see?

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If you are not ready to quit the relationship or leave the person, sis/bro, leave that phone alone. Just go to bed. Trust the fact that it’s not limited to guys. Some guys are insecure too. Where some would secretly sneak to snoop through your messages, others would put up their macho manliness and say “Bring your phone”.  Unfortunately for the male folks, ladies are stronger at keeping secrets and wiping messages. Most times, guys forget to even delete the nudes some random chic sent to them.

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Now riddle me this, why is it a greater scare to check a man’s phone? Have you gone through the interiors of a woman’s DM before? Dear lord, darling, you really don’t want to try it, because that’s when you would understand why Elijah ran from Jezebel.


Snooping means you don’t even trust yourself

Truly, it can be really tempting. You want to know if they are rejecting or entertaining other people, seeing someone else, or at least get a closure on where you stand in their lives, or if you are dating yourself… its fine, but it’s not right. Snooping through your partner’s phone is a sign of infidelity even from your own part. It’s a psychological projection. You think your partner is cheating, most probably because you are exposed to the opportunity of doing the same, or because you are projecting your insecurity on them. You’re basically acting out of fear, doubt, insecurity and distrust

Live Your Life

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You live your life without worrying about what other people are doing. Like seriously for your own good, stay away from your partner’s phone. The question is, what do you hope to find… elements to promote your doubts and insecurities? A reason to quit the relationship? Why would you even bother to sneak around just so you can make yourself cry?

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