Dear Governor Ambode, you should tax the Agberos if you need money.

Lagos Resident Writes Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode an Open Letter

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A concerned Lagos resident has written the executive Governor, Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode an Open letter about the Abgeros in the state.

Dear Governor Ambode,
There are over 200,000 Commercial buses, Bikes and Keke marwa plying Lagos routes.
The minimum levy the Agberos collect using the bike+Marwa as a yardstick is ₦1500/day
₦1500*200000*365 annually = ₦109.5bn
The Agberos are whacking over 36% of the total money generated in Lagos, no wonder they are extremely powerful.
Lagos agberos generate more IGR than  35states in Nigeria including the FCT.
Sir you should tax the Agberos if you need money.
This money is for the local government where the agbero operate. The government should chase them out of the roads. Governor Ambode is working in that direction. Lagos state government has built ultra modern motor park at ikeja by general hospital. No garage would be allowed outside that park e.g. Ikeja under the bridge and ikeja along. Revenue accrue at the new park will go to the government. More of the parks are coming up before the end of this administration.
The agbero do not have social responsibility. They collect that huge some of money from buses and marawu and soup it alone. Each of their chairman get average of one million per day. This is an area where our government should look into for more internally generated revenue

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