Dangote: I Wants to be Like Bill Gates (Video)

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Nigerian billionaire businessman, Aliko Dangote, says he hopes to be as philanthropic as American billionaire, Bill Gates, in the future.

Dangote, who is Africa’s richest man, said this at the 2019 Goalkeepers’ event hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in New York on Wednesday.

Commenting on the person of Bill Gates, Dangote said: “Honestly one of the things that made me very shocked and surprised is that at that time I hadn’t had the opportunity of meeting Bill but meeting Bill changed me into a different person.

“This is somebody that has nothing to do with us in Africa or Nigeria but he is putting his money and his soul, everything. He is very committed to helping humanity and that really surprises.”

“It surprises me a lot and I realised that he is a simple person and I never knew Bill would be this simple. He is a very soft-spoken guy and kind-hearted. It is very difficult to find people like Bill in this world.

“Bill, we are very grateful, and I can assure you that with my association with Bill, my only prayer is that in the next few years, I will try and give my chunk of wealth to charity.”

In his response, Gates thanked Dangote for connecting him with the governors in the North.

 Gates said he admires Dangote’s communication skills and his wide range of connections, especially when it comes to solving problems.

“Everyone likes to talk to him, it’s been phenomenal,” Gates said.

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