Coronavirus Lockdown: Lagos is Fully Back to Life by Adeola Soetan

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Mr. President only responded to the sociology of the citizens by tactically unlocking the lockdown despite the fact that the COVID-19 situation that necessitated the initial extension of 14 days has worsened with increasing index cases and more national spread.

Buhari took a wise dangerous decision and it’s understandable because in a pandemic condition where sociology and medicine are not properly harmonized as holistic response, sociological consideration takes precedence in decision making to move forward with its attendant pandemic escalation risk that must be equally addressed.

With the huge failure of government palliative social intervention to adequately address the food and other economic needs of the people, total lockdown became unenforceable thereby leaving the citizens as social beings with difficult options of death by hunger or death by coronavirus.

Hunger they “see” and feel daily, coronavirus they do not see or feel even though it’s real and dangerous. In these difficult options, people are likely to choose death by coronavirus, a low probability death than a very possible death from hunger.

Mr. President’s decision is the reality of the moment to avert social uprising which is already developing as widespread defiance across social classes against the lockdown showed.

Emphasis should now be more on other COVID-19 containment practices including compulsory usage of face mask, social distancing, hygienic environment, boosting of body immune system. This is where individuals and communities have great roles to play to avert escalation of the coronavirus pandemic.
We just have to be conscious of this now that more people are now free to fend for themselves and their families which puts less pressure on demand for palliative from government and public spirited individuals and organizations.

The sociology of Lagos State as a cosmopolitan melting pot of the nation and hustlers haven cannot guarantee the success of those ambiguous conditions President Buhari highlighted in his speech. No 8pm to dawn curfew can be effective in Lagos with traffic situation and with the partial unlocking of the lockdown, the issue of selecting businesses to operate in the megacity can never work because most businesses and small scale enterprises are complementary. You allow one to operate “legally”, you can be sure that ten will open “illegally” as supportive services.

Once again, emphasis should be on citizens to be responsible, responsive and observe the containment protocols.

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