Chika Ike Comes Out Naked, Reveals Deep Secrets In ‘BOSS UP!’ (Video)

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For those who know her, the popular Nollywood star, Chika Ike is a very private person, however, her latest venture into the world of authorship, has seen her come out with a book in which she goes all naked in tell the truth, baring it all, even that which some would think should have been kept a secret.

Speaking to newsmen over the weekend at the Radisson Blu Hotel in VI, Chika Ike revealed that her book titled “BOSS UP!” takes an in-depth look at life from childhood till present, revealing details which most Nigerians and the world rarely know about her.

The Nollywood sweetheart who noted that the ‘BOSS UP!’ took her seven years to write, also stressed that the book also serves as a guide for many who long to venture into business or those who are already in business but want to see their ventures evolve drastically.

Having graduated from Harvard Business School, Chika Ike opined that she is proud to avail many a chance to learn amazing things that would help them fully take charge of their lives and professionally paddle the canoe of their destiny.

Speaking to, Chika Ike said she told her truth and narrated her journey in ‘BOSS UP’, stressing that the 41 chapter book covers all the obstacles we encounter in life. She said she gave a guide to conquering fears and living the best life.

Speaking on vulnerability and those who would like to prey on the details she had divulged in her book, Chika Ike said that by publishing ‘BOSS UP!’ she conquered all fears. Chika added that when the media tries to prey on her vulnerabilities she will only embrace the good, turn her eyes away from the negatives.

In conclusion, Chika Ike said that ‘BOSS UP!” has not only been qualitatively published, but has been properly distributed such that virtually everyone everywhere can lay there hands on what promises to be a memorable read, one so intriguing and revealing that the readers will love to come back for more.


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