Check Out The 9 Most Powerful Militaries in The World

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Every country needs a strong military to protect against external invasion and to protect the country’s border.

What follows is a list of 9 countries that have the toughest militaries in the entire world.

The ranking ranking of these militaries assesses the diversity of each country’s weapons and pays particular attention to their available manpower. Geography, logistical capacity, available natural resources, and the status of local industry are also taken into account.

These are the countries that are on the very top of the list when it comes to technology, weaponry, and manpower.

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Here are the 9 most powerful militaries in the world’


Turkish army tanks and military personal in Karkamis on the Turkish-Syrian border in the southeastern Gaziantep province, Turkey, August 25, 2016

Turkey is said to have close to 750,000 military personnel. Turkey is one of those countries that you might not expect to be on this list, but they have one of the strongest military power in the world.

Power Index rating: 0.2216 (NATO member)

Total population: 80,845,215

Total military personnel: 710,565

Total aircraft strength: 1,056

Fighter aircraft: 207

Combat tanks: 2,446

Total naval assets: 194

Defense budget: $10.2 billion


Italy has one of the most formidable military as the country doesn’t relent in empowering their armed forces to protect their cities.

  • Power Index: 0.6838
  • Active Frontline Personnel: 293,202
  • Total Aircraft: 770
  • Tanks: 720
  • Naval Power: 179
  • Budget: $31,946,000,000


With an army who are not only good with weapons but also great in martial arts skills and hand combat, South Korea makes the list at number 7.

  • Power Index: 0.6547
  • Active Frontline Personnel: 653,000
  • Total Aircraft: 871
  • Tanks: 2,466
  • Naval Power: 190
  • Budget: $28,280,000,000


Soldiers from a special unit of the People's Armed Police in Xinjiang at a training session in Kashgar, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, China.

Another Asian powerhouse with martial arts skills and sophisticated weapons.

  • Power Index: 0.3351
  • Active Frontline Personnel: 2,285,000
  • Total Aircraft: 5,048
  • Tanks: 7,950
  • Naval Power: 972
  • Budget: $129,272,000,000


The french army has always been recognized for their strong manpower and strong will in protecting their nation.

  • Power Index: 0.6163
  • Active Frontline Personnel: 362,485
  • Total Aircraft: 544
  • Tanks: 571
  • Naval Power: 180
  • Budget: $58,244,000,000


Indian soldiers, followed by Bhishma tank and vehicle-mounted Brahmos missiles in a Republic Day parade in front of the presidential palace in New Delhi, January 23, 2009.

The Indian army has a large number of manpower as many of their countrymen are ready to serve their nation.

  • Power Index: 0.4346
  • Active Frontline Personnel: 1,325,000
  • Total Aircraft: 1,962
  • Tanks: 3,555
  • Naval Power: 170
  • Budget: $44,282,000,000



The United Kingdom always has a pretty strong military that’s almost always aligned with the United States. With their sophisticated weapon and great technology, the U.K army are a force to reckon with.

  • Power Index: 0.5185
  • Active Frontline Personnel: 224,500
  • Total Aircraft: 1,412
  • Tanks: 227
  • Naval Power: 77
  • Budget: $57,875,170,000


Russian President Vladimir Putin inspects the Vice-Admiral Kulakov anti-submarine-warfare ship in Novorossiysk, September 23, 2014.

The Russian army, with lots of nuclear weaponry, large army personnel who are loyal to their country and sophisticated aircrafts, a country will think twice before waging war with Russia.

Power Index rating: 0.0841

Total population: 142,257,519

Total military personnel: 3,586,128

Total aircraft strength: 3,914

Fighter aircraft: 818

Combat tanks: 20,300

Total naval assets: 352 (one aircraft carrier out of service indefinitely)

Defense budget: $47 billion


US Marines practice "combat gliding" at Camp Wilson on Twentynine Palms, California, January 31, 2015.

The U.S army have well over 3 million military personnel, almost 4,000 fighter aircraft, and a defence budget of over 44 billion dollars. The United States has been pretty much the military superpower for a very long time.

Power Index rating: 0.0818 (NATO member)

Total population: 326,625,791

Total military personnel: 2,083,100

Total aircraft: 13,362

Fighter aircraft: 1,962

Combat tanks: 5,884

Total naval assets: 415 (20 aircraft carriers)

Defense budget: $647 billion

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