Be Nice To Yourself, You Deserve The World Too

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Chanel Iman - Accept yourself, love yourself.


Want to be happier? Begin by being good to yourself. That may sound self-evident, but too many people skip this step and try to make themselves happy by chasing higher goals, or holding themselves to certain standards of perfection.

Being good to yourself instead will bring you closer to achieving those ambitions. The more you value yourself among friends, at work, or at home, the more you build confidence.

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When you love yourself, you understand that saying no to something you don’t want to do is an act of kindness, and you don’t walk around with negative feelings toward the person who asked you to do something you didn’t want to do.

Not only is being kind to yourself good for your career and your mental health, it’s good for your relationships too.

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Let no one mock you or belittle you. Self-acceptance also involves accepting your stretch marks, your height, your body weight, your looks, your income and success level as they are; Accept who you are, change what you can, and let go of what you cant change.

You are happy when people say nice things, and it’s the same when you say nice things to yourself.

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If you tell yourself that you are miserable, your brain will believe that and that will make you sad. In contrast, when you say nice things to yourself, your mind reads that as a compliment and that will raise your mood and make you happy.

Don’t put pressure on yourself by setting goals alongside a certain age. People expect you to be married by 25 and be earning six figures at 27, and if these things fail, they make you feel like a failure. Situations like this push people straight to the brink of depression.

It is essential to accept the way you are at every point and keep working towards your goals. No time is too late to achieve anything you want to make yourself happy.


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