Arrested Daily Trust Editor Finally Set Free By The Army

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Uthman Abubakar. the Maiduguri Bureau Chief of Daily Trust newspaper, has been released by the military authorities.

Abubakar was detained on Sunday, following his report against the force. Mannir Dan-Ali, Editor-in-Chief of Daily Trust, disclosed this shortly after speaking to the editor who was brought back to the Maiduguri office by an unnamed Major who handed him over to a Security officer at the office.

The army defended its action, accusing the paper of jeopardising national security.

Abubakar in a statement said he was courteously treated, but disclosed that his mobile phones and laptop were still with the military. “They told him that they need time to finish the forensic checks they are carrying out on the equipment,” the statement added.

The newspaper’s editor-in-chief added that computers and laptops taken from the Abuja head office are also yet to be returned, adding that senior government officials have said the items will be released shortly.

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