Another Badoo Suspect Almost Lynched In Ikorodu

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A suspected member of the dreaded Badoo cult that had been terrorising Ikorodu Community of Lagos State at the weekend escaped lynching from an irate mob.

According to a Facebook post by the Ikorodu Ambassadors, the suspect was allegedly caught by residents in the middle of the night with items like stones, machete, rope, and handkerchiefs, said to be the paraphernalia of the gang.

According to Ikorodu Ambassadors, the incident happened at Ijede, Ikorodu area of Lagos state.

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The man was stripped and beaten mercilessly and was almost set ablaze but for the intervention of some elders who insisted the youths should not take laws into their hands but to hand over the suspect to the police.

Members of the dreaded group had killed over 26 residents of Ikorodu community in the last one year, police say.

As a result of this, angry youths have taken it upon themselves to fish out the members of the notorious gang and often mete out jungle justice on such suspects though many have continued to condemn such method as some innocent people have been so killed without giving the police the opportunity to carry out investigations.

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