A Nollywood Icon in the Making! Toni Tones Sizzles on the Cover of Aura Magazine

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In 2018, Toni Tones made an indelible mark in Nollywood with her critically acclaimed performance in box-office smash, ‘King of Boys.’

2019 is definitely THE YEAR of Toni Tones, as she shows no signs of slowing down.

In an in-depth interview with Aura Magazine, the triple-threat talent gives readers a rare glimpse into her artistry, living life purposefully, as well as her hopes, dreams, and ambitions.

“It was tough being accepted as an actor because people knew me as a photographer and after then, a musician.

Hearing that I was an actor as well, I think it was hard for them to take me seriously initially.

It seemed like having more than one career was looked upon as a bit of a crime; people tend to be more comfortable putting you in a box…… but I was determined to break the box, I’m not here to make anyone comfortable, I’m here to achieve”_

Toni has completely shattered the proverbial box and is blazing her own trail. Watch out world! This icon in the making is here to stay.

Toni Tones

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