A Near-Death Experience

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“There’s a really thin line between life and death”… What they said. It sucks.

Have you ever died while still alive? Have you ever been thirty seconds away from losing someone you care about? An accident, sickness, wife or sister in child labor? And you don’t know what the outcome will be? The uncertainty… will they make it? Will they die?

Your heart betrays you; fear gripped, you die. Not a physical death, but something really dies in you while you stand on that thin line, praying to everything you believe in, calling your pastors, imams, or traditionalists “Please pray for me! My wife is in labor” “Please pray for my sister! She had a terrible accident!”….

Then you wait…..Let me introduce you to the WAITING AREA.

The hospital waiting area is a place where fates are decided. Where you know if you would go back home “happy” with your loved ones or where the flip happens and you wish you could die right there … Doctor: We tried our best, we are sorry. We lost him…

A place where you see men on their knees sweating and kneeling against walls, Old women pacing and praying fervently as their wrappers fall from their body, helpless, scared because their daughter or daughter-in-law is in labor; where wives, sisters, mothers, and kinfolks rush their kin into the accident and emergency unit…

A place where your righteousness and faith are put to test, and where you appeal to the gods within you and around you to give you one more chance to make things right…. A place of both joy and sadness.

Love yours while you have them; Be happy, be thankful.

God keep us all


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