8 Ways to Curb Your Drinking Problem

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Addiction isn’t the easiest thing to admit but if you find that withdrawal symptoms and panic attacks are a part of your daily life, it may be time to explore if that glass in your hand is just your favorite drink before bed or your very lifeline. Not that I’m saying you’re addicted or anything but maybe we can call it a drinking problem? If so, here’s a few ways to curb this *clears throat* problem of yours;


  • Pick a fight with all your drinking buddies

The holy grail of a night out with the guys, is a cold bottle of beer to complete the chill.

Refuse invitations to hangout in clubs and bars, toss anyone who brings alcohol into your personal space out. Eventually they’ll all get the message (and the seriousness of the situation) and you’ll blissfully be left out.


  • Swap your addiction for some adrenaline

You ever hear that biblical parable about a man whose demon leaves, only to come back and find him clean and unoccupied and brings with him 7 worse demons? Well, I figure addiction is pretty much the same thing. So don’t just give up your addiction, trade it in for something better. Adrenaline’s a great place to start; get a gym membership, learn karate or join a biker’s gang. Find something to get excited about.


  • Ditch football

Do we even need to talk about this?

Ok, ok. If that raised eyebrow is any indication, maybe we do.

Riddle me this; you go out to watch the game at a viewing center. What’s the first thing you order?

I rest my case.


  • Get rid of your Aso-ebi Spirit

We’ve already ascertained that hanging out with the squad just won’t do. Well, neither will owambe parties or any other party-like family gatherings. Trade in your aso-ebi-spirit for a stay-at-home-spirit. In other words, practice becoming anti-social. It just might save your life.


  • Stay Single

Dating means going out on dates; which means bars, clubs and fancy restaurants. Which then means; wine, shots and beer. You get the picture; alcohol is involved. So just stay single, at least till you’ve sorted out your drinking.

If you’re married, you already know to stay home; no date night for you buddy.


  • Ditch Mocktails

It’s called living a little too close to the edge and since the whole point is to get you off the edge, then this is a spectacular way to fail. A mocktail as the name implies, is a mockery of a cocktail; no alcohol added. So, if you’re best buds with your liquor, then this just won’t work for you and as the local adage says, ‘when handshake begins to pass elbow…’


You know the rest.

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