6 Tips to make your perfume last longer.

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If your perfume does not last long? These 6 simple tips will make you smell nice and make your fragrance last all day.

1. Don’t put your perfumes and colognes in the bathroom anymore.

If you are wondering why your fragrance starts to lose its smell before it is even half way gone? Well, its the excessive light, heat, and humidity found in your bathroom that breaks down your fragrance’s potency.

Rather, put your perfume in a cool, dry area and Keep away from windows to keep them smelling sensual.

2. Rub on some Vaseline before you spritz.

Apply a little bit of Vaseline where you’d like the perfume to stick in order to keep your sprayed scent lasting longer,it serves as a moisturizer because when your skin is dry, it is difficult for your fragrance to last.

3. Stop rubbing your wrists together.

When you spray your wrists with fragrance and rub together in a semi-speedy motion, you force them to vanish quickly, essentially cutting the length of time it will last in half.


4. Spray these 5 areas.

Wrists, neck, elbows, ear and knees are the best 5 places to apply a fragrance because they are the warmest areas on the body. These areas help the scent to linger and last.

5. Why not just get a Hair fragrance.

Rather than spraying your hairbrush with perfume and then brushing your hair (which is highly effective), why not buy a hair scent which is designed to make your hair smell amazing.

6. Scent Touch ups are nice.

For all day long fragrance, spray two cotton balls and stick them in a plastic bag or case. Taking this around for small touch ups is much easier than hauling around the whole perfume bottle in your purse. I can be guilty of this though. *winks*

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