5 Things You Must Not Do Before Sex! No.4 is a Must!

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Sex plays a key role in every relationship. It is meant to be passionate, spontaneous and mind-blowing. When you’re in the mood for sex, the only thing that comes to mind is how to dig -in and get satisfied.

But before you get down with your partner there are certain pre- sex ‘no nos’ that must be checked which is very important for your health and also important for you to enjoy that sensual moment with your partner.

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Here are 5 things you must not do before having sex.

1. Shaving before sex

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As a female, you might want to impress your partner by looking clean ‘down-there’ just right before action but it is advised to shave your vagina hair a day before sex because shaving can increase the risk of getting an infection or STIs because of tiny scratches or wounds.

2. Eating Heavy Meal

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It is advised no to eat heavily before having sex because you will feel very tired and lazy. Your energy level will drop which might just make you feel dizzy and sleep off.

3. Drinking too much Alcohol

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Its been said that alcohol sets the mood, but too much of it might just make your arousal difficult. As some women might have lubrication problem, while some men might find it hard to get their penis erect. It also reduces the chances of getting an orgasm.

4. Masturbating

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It is generally unacceptable to masturbate before sex. As a guy after you masturbate, it is very difficult for your penis to get erect and for a lady it is very hard for you to get in the mood.

5. Using Sugary Food as Foreplay

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We all know giving a lady oral sex can easily get her aroused and give her a sensational feeling, but using food with sugar can cause yeast infection after sex because yeast grows on sugar. It is best to keep it simple when going down on her. And also for guys its best to stay off peppermint before sex because it contains menthol which causes a drop in the testosterone level.

Now we know the 5 major things to avoid before having sex, its better to adhere to these rules than to have a bad sexual experience because sex is meant to be enjoyed.


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