5 Things that shows M.K.O Abiola would have Bulged in the new millennium: Do you agree?

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5. Corruption
Corruption has eaten deep into the heart of the average Nigerian. History made us understand that Abiola was bribed with a lot of dollars but he rejected it because he was a successful businessman and a millionaire. Fast-forward to 2018, Abiola might have accepted this money and expanded his business using federal government might and money.

4. Ethnicity
Abiola was accepted throughout the country, disregarding the fact that he was Yoruba. His chieftains and fellow Yorubas accepted him with bias’. This days, if u don’t grease the hands of these men, they would work against you and pave the way for who have the most money to spare forgetting the fight of democracy and that the decision might come to hunt them in the future.

3.Muslim Muslim ticket?
CAN, and other Christian associations would be on the neck of Abiola to change his deputy to a Christian because they might be afraid of the country being turned into a Muslim country.  And if he disagrees, then he wont win the heart of the christian in the country. Religion has made our Mind deteriorate. Karl Marx was right.

2. Fear of Death
The military care less about who you are, once you are against them, they send death to you. since He rejected money, then he must succumb to fear of dying. But he didn’t bulge either. imagine if it was in the new millennium where money and fear goes hand in hand. And we all know what happens in the Military era.

1. patriotism
This has become an issue in present day Nigeria. i know people are mistaking the idea of democracy to mean government for myself by my family and for my loyalist. Government officials tend to be selfish and can be said to be in government for his own benefit and not for the people. He fights for his account because and not for the wellness of the people he is serving. M. K. O might fit into this category if he had chose to contest in this era.

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