5 Reasons to Attend Nigeria’s first-ever Prom concert “Afroprom”

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By now, you definitely must have heard of Afroprom; what is set to be the first-ever prom concert for graduating Senior Secondary School students
happening in Lagos this July with a line-up of activities that will blow your mind and leave your tongue wagging.

Afroprom is not your regular prom, while many have started planning some are contemplating whether or not to attend, while some others are making plans to do other things alone or with friends. Here’s my advice: Don’t be that person!

To many Nigerian teenagers, Prom is an activity for the Western cool kids. Come on, who sold you that lie? There are cool kids everywhere and if you’re reading this article…well, that shows you’re one of the many cool kids expected at Afroprom.

Wait, how about we leave you with some reasons to be at Afroprom in July. This list will whet your appetite. Oh! That’s a nice place to begin, the food!!!

1. 5-course meals for VIP guests

What’s a fun gathering full of VIPs without something for the stomach? Yes, VIPs, because at Afroprom, no one is ‘Regular’. You will be treated to one of a kind dining experience. The meals to be served at the event pools from the finest, delightfully tasteful Nigerian and continental cuisines that are guaranteed to satisfy you till you drop! The buffet fest also includes unlimited treats from the dessert table. There would also be a Candy buffet of your favourite and colourful candies.

Where my foodies and wannabe foodies at? Mark your calendar this July, yo!

2. The Music and Comedy:

You already know this because you heard it in the jingle or you saw the flyer, but ain’t nobody better than Teni “the entertainer” at the moment and your homegirl is definitely co-headlining this side of the entertainment followed by a plethora of supporting cast like REMA! Oh! I love this boy. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch music magicians perform? Hakuna Matata, just plan to enjoy the event and focus on having a great time

3. Motivation and Career Insights:

Banky W, a Successful music entrepreneur and politician who achieved new feats in the 2019 general elections and Uche Pedro, Founder and CEO of Bella Naija would have a heart to heart with you on how to find your definition of success and celebrate your inner self. There’s more to life now than just bagging As in Engineering, Medicine, Law or even Accounting and these two know better.

4. PROMinent Memories:

Afroprom 2019 would be the last time to celebrate with your class – as secondary school graduates, that is. So, master your Zanku and get ready to dance, take pictures and make memories that will last the rest of your lifetime. See, Afroprom has prepared a bunch of memorable activities to engage in like photo booths with beautiful props. Hate pictures? There are other activities you to be involved in, from Karaoke booth to money booth. And if you still don’t like the booths, how about winning a PlayStation 4 or even an iPhone XR? Surely, that would be quite a memory to keep and retell, no?

5. Naija Afroprom King and Queen:

We believe everyone is a STAR and as such would be expected to dress like Kings and Queens that they are. If you not only want to look like a Naija King or Queen but also want to be the Naija Afroprom King and Queen of 2019 class, then you should nominate yourself, tell your squad to vote and canvas for you to be crowned Afroprom King or Queen.

Get your tickets at events.nairabox.com or call 0808-721-4559 for VVIP table reservations.

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