5 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations in the World

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A lot of people love to travel to beautiful destinations or places they find in pictures, but little do they know about the country they are travelling to or what awaits them at their various destinations.

Today, we are going to be highlighting the 5 most dangerous tourist destinations in the world.

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worst travel destinations in the world

Traveling to Somalia is highly discouraged because Recently the US State Department has described it as the most dangerous place on Earth. Mogadishu is not expected to be a popular tourist destination anytime soon. Mogadishu is not only the headquarters for pirates in the Horn of Africa, but new violent terrorist organizations are forming everyday.


worst travel destinations in the world

Tourists are allowed to visit Pyongyang but only under the supervision of accredited tour guides, and the tours themselves are strictly regulated and restricted by the government. Only about 3,000-4,000 westerners visited North Korea last year on these state-run tours.


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Considered one of the murder capitals of the world, vacationing in Ciudad Juarez is not recommended. Currently in the midst of a violent drug war, this Mexican city is severely corrupt and poverty stricken. Kidnappings occur almost daily.  making it one of the worst travel destinations in the world.


worst travel destinations in the world

In a recent TripAdvisor survey, Moscow ranked as one of the worst cities for tourists to visit. The ranking criteria included hotel offerings, the friendliness and helpfulness of its citizens, crime rates and value for money. In 2008, Moscow was voted as the most unfriendly city in the world. Moscow also experiences extreme weather conditions during most months, making travel extremely unpleasant.


Image result for violence in Bogota colombia

The capital city of Colombia was once regarded as one of the most violent in the world, and today it still stands as the eighth most dangerous city in the world. Bogotá is ridden with violent crime and drug-related attacks. Terrorist groups and other criminal organizations continue to kidnap and hold civilians, including foreigners, for ransom or as political bargaining chips.

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