4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Let Anyone Mess With You

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1. Most People Are Hypocrites Be it relationship, financial,career,health and so on, be careful who you take advice from,who you listen to,who you emulate, and who you confide in. Sometimes, the people who tell you “I can never take this shit from anyone” are taking and bearing more shit than you can imagine. They judge others for things they also do in secret. They judge other people’s family, relationship status,and even their well being, while they are also wallowing in the same mess.


2. They Don’t Know Your Pain

Truly, misery loves company, but then, does anyone truly/sincerely know you or what you are going through? When you cry yourself to sleep? When you are frustrated and fall into depression? Does anyone truly know?… When you are broke and helpless? When youve got loads of bills to pay? Do they truly know? Do they ever truly understand? Or they just simply listen and say sorry, extending nothing but sympathy…The truth is, nobody sabi where e dey pain pass you,na only you know you!!!


3. No One Knows You More Than You

Well, besides the fact that i deserve credit alert and a new phone too, at the end of the day, it’s just You and You. Only you know where it hurts and only you know how tedious your life’s journey has been, so it’s up to you and you alone to decide “This is what I deserve. This is what I need. This is who I’m going to be. This is the step I’m going to take. This is the path I’m going to follow.” There’s nothing more peaceful or endearing than doing your own thing! That fulfilment is bliss. Work towards your own goal, because truly, it’s just you and you alone at the end of the day.



4. Self Control/ Self Discipline

There is a warrior in all of us,but if you don’t seek out that strength in you, you’ll forever stay down especially when you rely on other people for strength instead of searching within yourself. If your actions/inactions, decisions/indecisions get easily influenced by what people think or what people would say,then you are seriously setting yourself up for failure. Sadly, the world would move on without you. Don’t ever stagnate yourself by allowing other people’s voice to drown the sound of your own. Listen to yourself sometimes and trust your intuition. Be confident too! Confidence and self Control are two important aspects of self discipline. Learn them.

(To be continued)




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