4 major reasons why Nigerians worst Democracy is better than Military Regime

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Blood shed, fear, chaos, misdemeanor and uncertainty accompanies the military to power, Unlike the civilian rule, where election takes place and the electorate with the power of their voters card appoints people who would represent them and provide their needs.

The military comes into power through a COUP in most cases its a bloodless coup but it is still an illegal way of changing government. The first coup which took place in 1966 which was regarded as a bloody coup saw prominent men in power killed alongside their families.

we have decided to bring you four reasons why the worst of Nigerian democracy is better than the military regime.

  1. Fear.

Fear plays an important role in the arrival of the military in power. nobody is safe, because you don’t know what would happen the moment you step out of your house. you might be shot. and nothing would happen to you because the media and every activists would be shut up. no one is safe anymore. but compare to the civilian rule. even though there is Veto power, the citizens still have power backed up with the constitution. without fear, the media can report any news that concerns the government and get away with it

2. Bloodshed

blood flows endlessly when there is a military coup or after the military coup. yes because before getting to the seat, the people at the top has to die, anyone who speaks against the government would be laid to sleep permanently. although we have had post election riot and chaos, it cannot be compared to the chaos that faces citizens during military regime. we have had a handful of bloodshed in form of coup in Nigeria,for instance the January 15 1996 coup.

3. Corruption:

its 2018 and the country is still receiving loots a certain Commander in Chief Looted to foreign bank accounts. corruption was on the increase in the military regime. yes we also have cases of corrupt practices in civilian rules, but it cannot be compared to that of the military. the head of state in a democratic state needs the permission of the 2 chambers before any money can be spent, but its not so in the military regime as the constitution itself is put on hold.

4. Human rights

Dele Giwa was killed with a letter bomb, Ken Saro Wiwa was Disgraced before killed, and there are countless other reports of civilians who are killed for kicking against the government. but i hear Fayose and Wike talking against the present Head of State who was a former dictator. makes me wonder what would happened to them if baba was sill a military leader.

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