3 Subtle Signs your Bae is a Flirt.

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Wondering if your Bae or Boo is a flirt? Just because your boo isn’t hanging out with other chics, doesn’t mean he is completely faithful to you. He might be stylishly flirting and you don’t even have a clue. After all, Harrysong says, even your boo get a boo *winks*

So here are some signals that your boo-boo might be a flirt or a micro-cheat.

1. They flirt with every girl/guy in their line of sight when you are out together. Or they don’t introduce you as their Bae to those random girls/dudes …so you just stand there next to him at the bar looking like some stranger? That’s number one sign that she/he micro-cheats.


2. Ok, so boo-boo is allowed to have friends, but what about that friendly girl/dude they constantly text that you’ve never met? All they do is talk about how great a person they are. That’s another sign, especially if they constantly crack a smile while texting this person.

3. Their phone usage and texting habits can also be another warning sign. If they worst at texting you back, but never seems to get off their phone when you guys hangout, it’s time to confront them. If that is something they can’t give you, it might be time to dump that cheating boy or girl and find a good man/woman who really deserves all that you are worth.

You’re welcome. *winks*

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