2019 ELECTIONS: Tuface Idibia To Run For Political Office

2Baba declares his intentions to run for political office in 2019

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Talented Nigerian multiple award winning legend 2Baba, has announced his intentions to compete for a political office in 2019.

According to NAN, the musician made his intentions known during an interview with newsmen on Tuesday, April 10. He revealed that he would practice a transparent politics in which he would tell the truth at all times. 2Baba who revealed that he wants to impact lives positively, did not disclose which position he would be vying for or political platform he plans to join to make his dreams come true.

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The musician said: “Politics affects everything I do. So, I am definitely going to be interested in politics. I will soon participate as a contestant and speak the truth at all times. I hope and pray that good men will rise up and make a difference in this country, because we need more patriotic people in all aspects of life.” He also called on Nigerians to help those in need and victims of attack. He stated that people need to be sensitised on safety precautions during times of crisis. 2Baba said:

“There is so much we’ve been saying about this crisis, but nothing much has come the way of the victims. We just need more people to support and join hands to continue extending relief materials to affected people. This is the most important thing we can now do; bring succour to the victims.” 

“This thing is going on for too long, repeating itself over and over. There has to be a solution, the victims are not goats they are humans and should be taken care of. I feel terrible not because it also happened in Benue State, where I hail from, but because it is also happening almost throughout the federation. It does not have to happen to someone you know before you speak up about it.”

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