2019 Election: Police to Withdraw 20,000 Personnel From VIPs

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The Nigeria Police Force has announced plans to withdraw officers attached to ‘Very Important Persons’ in preparation for next month elections.

The Force spokesperson, ACP Frank Mba, according to the PUNCH on Friday stated thatbthe withdrawal of policemen would affect all categories of VIPs, including state commissioners, businessmen and individuals with police aides.

He said, “The withdrawal of policemen is going to cut across all borders, including politicians, party chairmen, state commissioners and businessmen. It will affect everyone that has policemen attached to them.”

“There are two basic rationales for the withdrawal of policemen; One, we need all hands on deck for the purpose of securing the electoral process. Number two, we also need to be proactive in ensuring that unscrupulous people do not hide under the cover of security or policemen providing security to create problems during the elections. These are some of the reasons we need to mop up as many policemen as possible.”  

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