11-Year-Old Girl Molest and Strangles 5-year-Old Boy to Death in Lagos

11 Year old strangles 5 year old to death

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An 11-year-old girl, Ojiugo Ifechukwu Duru, accused of strangling a 5-year-old boy, Chikamso, to death has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command.

Chikamso’s mother left him in Ojiugo’s care at their home in Okoloko street, Abule-Ado Shoba, Lagos state.

It was gathered that not long after the mother left home, she was called to return home that there was an emergency.

The woman returned to find out her son had been allegedly killed by the maid.

Ojiugo was said to have beaten Chikamso, then tried to strangle him with a chain around his neck. She allegedly proceeded to use a sharp curtain hook to stab the child on his penis.

The mother of the deceased, who is heavily pregnant with her third child, said the maid has been arrested. “For now, it’s not in my hand. She’s in custody already; my husband is taking care of things. It’s now government case and not mine, so it’s not in my hands to decide what will happen and what will not happen,” she confirmed.

The father of the deceased resides in South Africa but has returned as a result of his son’s death and is now following up with the Nigerian Police.

When the mother asked what the maid’s motive for killing her child was, she replied: “No just reason, just that she’s angry. That was just it.”

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