Wilfried Zaha: I Have No Regrer Snubbing England For Ivory Coast

Wilfried Zaha: I Have No Regrer Snubbing England For Ivory Coast

Crystal Palace forward, Wilfried Zaha has insisted that he has no regrets choosing Ivory Coast over England.

Zaha chose to represent Ivory Coast in 2016, despite pleas from Three Lions manager Gareth Southgate to reconsider, and the Crystal Palace star is now gearing up for the Africa Cup of Nations with the reigning champions.

The 24-year-old,  born in Abidjan, has made two appearances for England in friendlies against Sweden and Scotland in 2012 and 2013, respectively, meaning that he was eligible to represent the country of his birth due to never representing the European nation in a competitive fixture.

Zaha has not looked back and is happy with his decision ahead of Ivory Coast’s AFCON opener against Togo on January 16.

“I left for England and I did not return to the [Ivory Coast] so I did all my schooling in my adopted country and it was most normal that I played for the England youth teams,” he told his new team’s official website.

“For the past four years, I have had ample time to analyse my situation and to take into account the solicitations of the Ivorian Football Association. Now I have made my choice. Now I want to play with the Ivory Coast. 

“It has been rewarding, firstly because I am proud to play for my country, then because the Ivorian selection has quality players and has always been a reservoir of talent. So I made the right choice and I do not regret it.”

Ivory Coast will take on Uganda in a friendly on Wednesday to finalise their preparations AFCON

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